I have been a patient of Dr. Phon's at the Audiology Center of St. Peters for over 18 years. The knowledge, care and treatment I receive is always professional and without question the best in the St. Louis Area. He has made wearing hearing aids a very simple process for me. The support staff at the Audiology Center has been very helpful in filing insurance claims for me.

- Lassie Uhlemeyer

All About Hearing Aids

What Can Hearing Aids Do For Me? Audiologists and Unitron Hearing, Inc. Reports That Wearing Hearing Aids Just Might:

  • Be the way you tell your family and friends how much you care about them.
  • Help you have more fun with your children or grandchildren since you’ll be better able to understand what they say to you.
  • Be the reason you feel more relaxed at the end of the day – since you won’t have to invest so much energy in straining to understand what people are saying to you.
  • Help you start, improve, or even save a relationship with a special person in your life.
  • Be the reason your performance in your business or at your job improves significantly – you might even make more money.
  • Help you take control of your life again.
  • Be a smart, fun, profitable, sensitive, rewarding thing to do.

Types of Hearing Aids

Digital hearing aids represent the most advanced technology available today. In fact, 99% of all of today’s hearing aids are digital. These instruments contain a computer chip that is programmed by an audiologist using a computer. This offers the best way to match a particular hearing loss with the most prescriptive amplification needed. They also can include advanced features such as:

  • Dual microphones allow you to hear better in noisy situations by identifying the source of the noise and reducing it!
  • Open technology that keeps the ear canal unobstructed eliminates that “talking in a barrel” effect.
  • Feedback cancellation eliminates feedback BEFORE you hear it as an annoying whistle.
  • Hands free technology automatically adjusts to your listening environment…whether you are on the phone, in a crowd or in wind.
  • Your digital hearing aids are programmed by an audiologist using the most technologically-advanced computer software to meet your individualized needs.

Styles of Hearing Aids

Hearing Aid - Completely In The Canal

CIC- “Completely In The Canal” hearing aids are the smallest of all hearing aids and are virtually invisible when worn, offering cosmetic advantages.

Hearing Aid - In The Canal

ITC- “In The Canal” hearing aids are the most popular hearing instruments. They are still small as they fit in the canal and offer additional control functions, such as a manually-adjustable volume control.

Hearing Aid - In The Ear

ITE- “In The Ear” hearing aids feature the widest selection of user control functions and comfort. Although larger than canal aids they may be easier for some to use.

Hearing Aid - Open Fit

Open FIT- “Open Fit” hearing aids are small and specifically designed to prevent the hearing aid user’s voice from sounding “hollow” or like “talking in a barrel.”

Hearing Aid - Behind The Ear

BTE- “Behind The Ear” hearing aids fit neatly behind the ear and are often chosen for power or dexterity reasons. Very often children are fit with a BTE for growth reasons.

Selecting a Hearing Aid
At the Audiology Center of St. Peters we will not only diagnose and treat your hearing loss, but also spend time with you to understand your specific needs. Selecting the appropriate hearing aid for your needs is the key to satisfactory results and improved hearing through your hearing aid.
Once you have told us your problems and your personal expectations with regard to your hearing, we provide you with detailed advice on the most appropriate products to meet your needs based on:

  • The severity of your hearing loss
  • Whether or not you want to regulate the volume of the hearing aids yourself or would prefer hearing aids that adjusts automatically to any hearing situation
  • The style of hearing aids that best suits your hearing loss or your personal situation
  • Your activity level
  • Your personal budget

Fitting Hearing Aids

Programming and adjusting hearing aids
State of the art equipment is used to program and adjust hearing aids.

Next we determine the perfect fit and function of your hearing aids. We begin by creating your personal hearing profile, or "audiogram," so that we may adjust your hearing aids to your individual requirements to improve the quality of sound for you. This is done by testing your ability to hear a variety of speech and environmental sounds. We will then select either custom-made ear molds or open fit molds based on the exact contours of your ears to ensure that your hearing aids fit perfectly.

Verifying the performance of hearing aids
Verifying the performance of the hearing aid ensures optimal satisfaction.

To determine the optimum settings for your hearing aids, we use your audiogram, as well as your personal impression of what problems you are having. This adjustment process is made by an audiologist using a computer and technologically-advanced software.

When adjusting your hearing aids, we take various measurements to check how well you can hear. Once we teach you how to operate them and instruct you on the energy supply (batteries), you should wear your new hearing aids for a few days in your regular surroundings.

Based upon what you tell us about how well you can hear in your everyday surroundings, we will make any necessary final adjustments to your hearing aids.

Satisfied St. Louis audiology patients
Your satisfaction with your new hearing aids is our goal.

Follow-up Care

Once your hearing aids have been fitted to your complete satisfaction, we will provide you with detailed information on how they should be maintained. Of course, you can have your hearing aids checked by us at any time. This will ensure that the sound quality remains as good as ever, and will extend the life of your aids.

Hearing Impaired Children – School Age and Above
Since we have a wide range of experience in this field, we are also your best choice to fit children school age and above with hearing aids. We pay particular attention to our young patients. In relaxed surroundings, they enjoy having their hearing aid fitted, because we make hearing aid fittings fun. We also offer a range of accessories, tailor-made for our young patients. (We will refer children under age 5 to other professionals in the area who specialize in treating this particular age group.)

Hearing Aid Manufacturers
Over the years we have developed close, professional relationship with the most-widely recognized and technologically-advanced hearing aid manufacturers in the world. Some of our manufacturing partners include:

Siemens: In the United States, the Siemens headquarters is in Piscataway, NJ. Their family of products includes Motion™, Pure™, Vibe™, Explorer™, Centra™, Artis™2, Cielo™2, Intuis™, Nitro™ and Phoenix™ One.

Phonak: Phonak USA headquarters are located in Warrenville, IL. Offering a wide range of products for those with mild to profound hearing loss, Phonak’s family of products includes Certena™, Versata™, Exelia™ and Naida™.

GN Resound: Headquartered in the US in Minneapolis, MN, GN Resound’s hearing aid product mix includes AZURE™, X-plore™, Ziga™, Dot™ and Be™.

Located in Plymouth, MN, Unitron Hearing US offers a product line-up that includes the 360™, Next™, Yuu™, Indigo™, Moxi™, and Element™.

Starkey: With its world headquarters located in Eden Prairie, MN, Starkey’s product mix includes the Zon™ (powered with Starkey’s patented BluWave signal processing) and Destiny™.

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