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- Richard Stahr

Dizziness: Causes and Treatments

Dizziness can be described and experienced in many ways:

  • Spinning or other illusion of movement such as tilting, floating, or impulsion. This is often classified as vertigo and is generally caused by an inner ear disturbance, but can also be cause by a central brain disturbance.
  • A Lightheaded sensation, feeling of faintness. Generally this is caused by low blood pressure.
  • Confusion. Generally caused by metabolic (blood chemistry) disturbances.
  • Spatial discomfort. This encompasses all types of dizziness not specifically covered by the above.
  • Imbalance: Unsteadiness leading to increased risk of fall. There are a large number of individual causes of imbalance.

Testing dizziness for St. Louis audiology patients

Hearing disorders commonly accompany dizziness or vertigo caused by ear disorders because the balance system is located primarily in the inner ear. A hearing test is a common diagnostic procedure for individuals experiencing dizziness, whether or not dizziness is accompanied by hearing loss. Contact Audiology Center of St. Peters for possible diagnosis and treatment of dizziness.

Dizziness treatments vary depending on the diagnosis of the problem.

BBPV (benign paroxysmal positional vertigo) does not respond to medication however is managed quite effectively in most cases using repositioning techniques.

Once the balance system has been identified as the cause of the dizziness your physician will determine if a combination of observation, physical therapy and medication are in your best interest.  The doctor and the physical therapist will prescribe the best course of physical therapy for you.  Medications used may include Meclizine.  The proper medication for your treatment will be prescribed by your doctor.  

Surgical intervention is the last resort for a balance disorder.  An otolaryngologist or a neurotologist, who is a physician trained in treatments of ear disorders, will discussed the options available to you.

It is important for the patient and their family to understand the cause of the dizziness.  The diagnosis of the problem and possible treatments should be carefully discussed with their family doctor or an ear specialist.  Dr. Phon can provide names of excellent ear specialists in the St. Louis metropolitan area.


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