For many years I have suffered with hearing loss. When I decided to get hearing aids, Dr. Phon explained the whole process to me. He provided step-by-step care which proved to be wonderfully successful. I can now understand the speaker at meetings. I can now enjoy conversations in noisy restaurants with my family. I hear well in church and enjoy TV shows. Dr. Phon’s excellent work has dramatically improved my life.

- Margaret Yates

Hearing Aid Repairs

The Audiology Center of St. Peters accepts all makes and models of hearing aids for repair.  Simply bring your hearing aid in for a free repair estimate.  Should it be determined that your hearing aid cannot be repaired by a thorough “in house” cleaning, you can choose to have us send your hearing aid out to the original manufacturer for repair (for hearing aids under 5 years old) or, if your hearing aid is older than 5 years, to a general hearing aid repair facility.  Within 2-3 days we will call you with a price quote and the repair warranty available.

Should you decide to have your hearing sent out to be repaired, plan on being without your hearing aid(s) for 1-2 weeks.  We will make every effort to provide you with a “loaner” if possible.

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