Recently I noticed I was having problems following conversations. Dr. Phon and his staff at the Audiology Center provided me with a complete and thorough hearing evaluation and test. His recommendations for meeting my needs were terrific and right on target. Dr. Phon is the best!!

- Mary Kolodgie

Testing and Treatment

Here at Audiology Center of St. Peters, we use a number of top quality, state of the art clinical tools and technologies to identify the nature and degree of hearing difficulty and to help determine the most effective treatments. We take the time to understand your specific needs, through hearing tests, diagnosis, counseling and treatment.

Hearing test
A hearing test measures the "threshold" at which you can hear various frequencies of a sound and how well you understand speech.

Hearing Test

During your hearing test and evaluation, the audiologist will place headphones that are connected to a measuring instrument called an audiometer over your ears.  The audiometer transmits a series of tones at a variety of volumes into your ears to determine the exact point or “threshold” at which you can hear various frequencies of sounds or tones.  When you hear a tone, you will be asked to push a button or raise your hand.  In addition, you will be given a Speech Discrimination Test (word recognition testing) to determine how well you understand speech at your most comfortable level of volume.

The results of your tests will be recorded on a graph called an audiogram, which the audiologist will review with you.  The audiogram reflects your hearing loss in frequencies, decibels and speech understanding.


Diagnosis and testing of hearing loss is designed to determine the degree, configuration, and possible cause of the hearing loss. The degree of hearing loss is your level, or the severity, of hearing loss as measured by these tests. Degrees of hearing loss range from mild to severe or profound. Identifying the cause of hearing loss refers to locating the point in the auditory system where hearing loss has occurred.  Damage in one or more of the ear's three regions is what causes hearing loss. Configuration of hearing loss is the overall picture of hearing ability, at what frequencies hearing loss occurs, whether hearing loss is progressive or stable, whether hearing loss is the same or different in each ear and one’s ability to understand speech.

Audiology counseling
We feel a patient who understands his or her hearing loss is a more satisfied and successful patient.


We help our patients and their families adjust to hearing loss not just through diagnosis and treatment, but also through personal counseling designed to help our patients understand their unique hearing loss.  We can help you to learn strategies and techniques for coping with reduced hearing that will allow you to adjust and work with your hearing impairments.


The treatment will depend on the cause and type of hearing loss. Treatments range from correcting an underlying problem such as removing ear wax, treating an infection and helping you understand your hearing loss to more permanent solutions ranging from wearing hearing aids or assistive listening devices to medical or surgical intervention if necessary.  Learning strategies and techniques for coping with reduced hearing is also an effective treatment option that we provide to our patients.

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