What is a Minecraft server?

For a decade, the meteoric success of Minecraft has encouraged the increase in the number of Minecraft servers and they offer players content as interesting as each other. But what is the way you select the true one? Discover in this article some tips for choosing a good Minecraft server.

A Minecraft server is a paid video game server that allows players to play solo or in groups. As long as you have access to the internet, the Minecraft Server List and your gaming account, it gives you the ability to play wherever you are. However, some are here that are free.

They can help you through the installation of plug-ins, to add new functionalities to discover all the facets of the game. Other advantages are also drawn from the servers through the use of cards for the follow-up or those which are customized.

The different types of Minecraft server

There are several types of servers on the market with different and varied characteristics. Among these, it can be mentioned the server:

  • Standard which gives the freedom to destroy or build;
  • Freebuild to play without architectural limits;
  • Multiplayer survival mode geared towards the survival of several players at the same time;
  • Timelapse with a principle of creation and dissemination of constructions on the Internet;
  • Factions with which a group of players can build and leave their equipment which is protected;
  • Spleef which requires the use of non-standard card;
  • PVP dedicated to combat in survival mode;
  • Hungers Games, which provides the appropriate equipment for players who choose their role;
  • Lava Survival with its own unique game modes;
  • Etc.

To make the choice of your Minecraft server, it is important to first define what you really need. This first step passed, you can then proceed to the consultation of the free Minecraft server ranking sites. 

Thousands of servers are presented on it and the rankings available are generally drawn up according to the number of votes given by players who have already tried these servers and the number of positive reviews.

This makes it much easier to find the best server for you. Indeed, if a Minecraft server manages to be appreciated among thousands of others, it surely has something special to offer you. After the selection, it will then be possible to make the most of the advantages attached to it, in order to meet their expectations.

Server creators can also register their servers on the site for free to attract Minecraft enthusiasts to their product and move up the rankings if possible.

Minecraft multiplayer appreciates to a dedicated root server

A dedicated root server (or simply dedicated server) is a hosting system on which the complete resources of the computer equipment (Hardware) are made available. Contrasting rest of the types of servers, a dedicated root server offers you the top performance, which will be used completely for your projects. It has more bandwidth and is less prone to slowdowns.

The required level of performance of the dedicated server, of course, depends on how you want to use your Minecraft server. The available RAM thus decides how many users can play on the server at the same time without losing performance. If you are installing a server for a large number of teammates or if you want to host different worlds at the same time, the performance of the server should be higher. A detailed overview of server requirements under different operating systems can be found on the Minecraft Wiki.